Being 21st Century Cool

Take the Cool Block journey with your neighbors.

Together, you will become more planet friendly, disaster resilient and community rich. You will develop a practice of shared leadership on your block.  You and your neighbors will experience a synergy you had not imagined.

On a more personal level it enables you to experience greater meaning, purpose, community and the ability to make a difference.


Saying Yes

This journey speaks to people who say “Yes” to some or all of the following statements.

  • I care about the planet I will leave to our children and the next generations, and I wish to make sure I have done my part to make the future as viable as possible for them.
  • I wish to protect the safety and security of my family in case of an emergency or natural disaster, and recognize that my security and that of my neighbors will be enhanced if we know how to support one another.
  • I have been living on my block for a long time but I don’t really know most of my neighbors and would like to experience a greater sense of community and neighborliness where I live.
  • I would like to lower my environmental impact on the planet by learning how to better conserve resources.
  • I would like to live on a green, friendly, and beautiful block.
  • I wish to be part of a movement that is creating the future of our cities and planet.

Most people, if given the opportunity, would love to experience these quality-of-life benefits. Such an opportunity did not exist before. It does now.