General Benefits

The Cool Block program empowers you to join your neighbors in being part of the climate solution, all while getting to know each other and improving your quality of life.

Each Cool Block theme delivers specific benefits.

  • Resilience topics will make you and your household disaster and energy resilient and increase your level of safety, security and well being.
  • Carbon Reduction lifestyle actions will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money immediately, while energy-saving structural actions will do so over time. Changing your household buying habits will also save you money while reducing clutter in your home.
  • Water Stewardship will reduce your water bill and help you conserve and protect the local water supply for everyone.
  • Livability topics will have you rolling up your sleeves with your neighbors to make your block safer, healthier, greener, friendlier, more resilient and more resourceful.
  • Empowerment provides opportunities to grow the community you have built with your team and empower more neighbors to experience the benefits you and your block have received.


Special Benefits

Additional benefits may also be available to you on your Cool Block.

  • Busy professionals often find themselves focused on their workplaces and disconnected from their neighborhood.
    • Cool Block builds ties among those who can have each others' backs in an emergency and enjoy unique place-based pleasures together.
  • Families may enjoy special benefits with Cool Block.
    • Many actions can be taken with the kids, creating teaching and bonding opportunities for them while increasing their comfort, sense of security, and connection to you.
    • School age kids sometimes like to help lead a topic that is of interest to them, perhaps even for school or community service credit.
    • You will build a social network of next-door adults who can be tapped and trusted for assistance when needed.
    • The program increases children’s mental health through having a safe neighborhood and knowing other neighbors.
  • Empty nesters and retirees enjoy special benefits too.
    • With a lifetime of skills and some extra time on your hands, you can be an excellent leader or participant on your Cool Block, and get to know a variety of interesting folks in your midst at the same time.
    • With Cool Block, you can structure this phase of your life to make new friends, save money, raise your property value and leave an environmental inheritance.
  • Housemates experience these unique benefits.
    • Strengthen connections and collaborative muscle among the various players in your household.
    • Grow your resilience and resourcefulness together.