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Before you begin - How the Program Works

Whether you are meeting in a living room, a oommunity room or a zoom room, you will become more connected to your housemates, your teammates and your community.

Topic 1 - Energy Resilient Home

Prepare your household for energy blackouts.

Topic 2 - Disaster-Resilient Household

Become more resilient as a household in case of a natural disaster.

Topic 3 - Cool Lifestyle

Refine daily lifestyle practices to reduce your carbon footprint.

Topic 4 - Cool Home and Cool Wheels

Make your household and transportation systems as efficient as possible to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Topic 5 - Water Stewardship

Reduce your water use and impact on the local ecosystem.

Topic 6 - Safe, Healthy and Green Block

Make your block a safer, healthier, more beautiful and resilient place to live. See also: Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Topic 7 - Resourceful and Community-Rich Block

Share resources with neighbors and create a greater sense of community on your block.

Topic 8 - Living as a Cool Block

Keep the cool on your block, expand it to other blocks and engage in broader civic activity. See also: Pay It Forward.