How it Works

The Cool Block recognition program is based on three levels of participation for a team. Your city will recognize your team according to the level it achieves with a Cool Block designation -- a Cool Block pole marker for your block, or other type of designation -- plus individual certificates per participant.

Level 1: Cool Block – Each household on the team has taken the designated number of actions per topic to have the team recognized by the city as having basic competence in each of the five theme areas: carbon reduction, water stewardship, disaster resiliency, livability and empowerment of others.

Level 2: Master Cool Block – The Level 1 criteria have been met and for each theme area one or more members of your team have achieved mastery level. This enables the team to have proficiency in each theme area. i.e. carbon master, water master, etc.

Level 3: Grand Master Cool Block – Each member of your team has achieved Level 2 mastery in each theme area. This enables your team to have deep expertise across all aspects of the program.

Note: If you have not chosen to participate in your city’s recognition program, to get the best experience in using our action planning tool click on  the Level 1 goal. You do not have to achieve the goal to use the planning tool. But we hope you do!

Recognition Requirements

Level 1: Cool Block
Recognition is given to teams who achieve competence in all theme areas.

Topics 1 and 2 – Carbon Reduction Goals
  • Topic 1 – Complete four or more actions.
  • Topic 2 – Complete four or more actions.
  • Achieve a 25% carbon footprint reduction across both topics.

Topic 3 - Water Stewardship Goal
  • Topic 3 – Complete four or more actions.

Topics 4 and 5 - Resiliency Goals
  • Topic 4 – Complete or update all five of the priority resiliency actions.
  • Topic 5 – Complete or update all four of the priority resiliency actions.

Topics 6 and 7 - Livability Goals
  • Topic 6 – Lead or co-lead one or more block-based action teams.
  • Topic 7 – Lead or co-lead one or more block-based action teams.

Topic 8 - Cool City Goal
  • Topic 8 – Lead or co-lead Action 103 - Sustaining the Program.

Level 2: Master Cool Block
Recognition is given for individuals who achieve mastery in a theme area. For a team to achieve Master Cool Block status at least one team member must achieve mastery in each theme.  Mastery designation will be awarded to individuals in a theme area who achieve the Cool Block goals previously described plus the following.

  • Carbon Master – A carbon footprint of less than 20,000 pounds without carbon offsets.
  • Water Master – Complete an additional four actions.
  • Resiliency Master – Complete an additional 3 actions per topic and lead or co-lead “Helping Out Vulnerable Neighbors in Need” (Action 70) and “Building Deep Resiliency” (Action 71).
  • Livability Master – Lead or co-lead an additional two block-based action teams per topic.
  • Empowerment Master (Cool City) – Lead or co-lead Action 104 - Creating More Cool Blocks and take Action 105 - Becoming a Cool Block Coach.
  • Cool Master – Achieve mastery in all eight topic areas!

Level 3: Grand Master Cool Block
This is a team status level only achieved when all team members achieve mastery in all theme areas.