Phone Meeting Preparation

When you make the call use these talking points as a guide.

  • My name is (your name)____________________,

  • I’m your neighbor and live at (your address) ________________________.

  • I am part of The Cool Block program taking place on our block (in our building) which among other things helps us be better prepared for an extended power outage or natural disaster.

  • I understand from (name of Neighbor-to-Neighbor Action Leader) ____________________________ that you have requested support.

  • I would like to set up a meeting to help you develop and implement a disaster resiliency plan. If you have a caregiver or member of your support network, I would like them to attend the meeting as well, if appropriate.

  • The meeting will take about an hour. Possible dates that could work for me are 

    Do any of them work for you? Schedule mutually convenient day, time and place.


I look forward to getting to know you!