Meeting Preparation

When conducting the meeting use these talking points and timeframes as a guide. Bring to the meeting something to take notes and a copy of the Becoming Resilient action plan. 


  1. Warm Up – 5 minutes
  2. Purpose and Establishment of Personal Connection – 10 minutes
  3. Emergency Preparedness Planning – 40 minutes
  4. Closure – 5 minutes

Total: 60 Minutes

1. Warm up – 5 minutes

Consider starting the conversation with some neighborly small talk before getting down to business. This will help build trust and rapport.

2. Purpose and Establishment of Personal Connection – 10 minutes

The purpose of our meeting is to help you develop an emergency preparedness plan.Before we start, as a way to get to know each other, tell me something about yourself, such as your current interests, work, hobbies, volunteerism etc.

Provide the same information about yourself including why you have chosen to serve as a volunteer. This allows a relationship to be built with greater rapport, so important in time of an emergency. It also makes this a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Discuss any preparedness activities that have already been done.

3. Emergency Preparedness Planning – 40 minutes

The best way to reduce any fears or concerns is by having an emergency preparedness plan and practicing it. By planning ahead you will feel more confident about protecting yourself following any emergency, whether from a power outage or natural disaster.

When a natural disaster occurs, your personal needs, such as replacing medications and equipment, and restoring support services for daily living may not be met right away. Plan to be self-sufficient for at least three days without help or emergency services.

Review the Becoming Resilient Action Plan with your neighbor. While reviewing the actions, highlight the nine priority actions and encourage your neighbor to complete these. If your neighbor needs help assist as possible. Help fill in the Action Plan and schedule a follow-up check-in to review progress.

4. Closure – 5 minutes

Provide neighbor with your contact information. Thank the person for their hospitality. Share any personal reflections on the process for you.